Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Lead effectively and responsibly with ethical principles
  • Understand emerging business management issues with global and multicultural perspectives
  • Adopt leadership principles to enhance organizational performance
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge in carrying out research in business administration fields
  • Apply academic theories and frameworks to address real world business problems

Programme Structure

The DBA programme includes coursework, residential workshops, and a thesis. Students must successfully complete 29 credit units of both compulsory and elective courses. The final phase of the programme is the completion of a doctoral thesis. The thesis carries 18 credit units and must be based on an original investigation in business administration. An oral defense of the thesis is required of each DBA candidate. The normal study period of the programme is three years.

Curriculum for students admitted in or after 2023/2024
Curriculum for students admitted between 2019/2020 to 2022/2023